Dj Effecto

  • EDM Producer / DJ. Genre Styles - House, Electro House, Progressive House, Bigroom House, Trap.
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Elektro Major and DJ Effecto are E.D.M. Entertainers marking a smashing name in dancemusic scene across the globe with their official releases on all the major digital stores.

  • They have worked with decent record labels like ‘Italica Records’, ‘Snake Note’, ‘Tonetunes’, ‘Daviddance’ so far who represent their musicstyle going from progressive house to various current edm genres.

Elektro Major and DJ Effecto have worked as resident DJ’s at a very popular place in their town called ‘Tryst The Lounge’. Their tracks were compiled in Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler by Italica Records in the year 2012 and 2013.

They have occupied a top 10 spot in BIP records remix competition called ‘Vlegal – After Night In Ibiza’ and top 50 spot in Protocol Recordings remix competition based on voting. They did participate various remix competitions until now getting into top 100 spot at least.

DJ Effecto started the crowd of ‘New Year Eve 2008’ with lots of clubbers quaking the dance floor, this gig was published in local news paper named DNA on next day and Ahmedabad Mirror did also publish his live performance snap-shot in the year 2010.

Being teenagers, they realized that they have a passion for musicproduction and live performance. Both of them started achieving their goal in the year 2007 as a freelancer DJ. After getting self employed and honored by party people they started their promotion via internet. Their very first compilation included few bootlegs like The World Is Mine (King's Core Remix), Lethal Industry (2k10 Remix).

During their early teenage they were highly influenced by popular dance musicians as David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk, Bob Sinclar, Tiesto, ATB, Chemical brothers, Eric Prydz and Timbaland.

After being influenced from these immense producers around the globe, DJ Effecto and Elektro Major evoked producing in the year 2009. They are passionate for producing dance music because they like the groove of dance music, the energy that travels through the listener’s mind, the feeling of being happy and make other happy. They like entertaining everybody out there through their music sense. As far as their style is concerned it is a blend of short grooves followed by energetic melodies.

Now both the artists are waiting to travel across the globe to unmask their inventiveness. Both of these duo are brothers. DJ Effecto is born on December 6, 1988 while Elektro Major is born on January 27, 1991.

They are waiting for biggest breakthrough in global dancemusic scenario.

SUPPORTED BY – Made In 8, Steve Romani (Tomorrowland), Ainur Davletov, Levi & Suiss.

RADIO STATIONS – KPSQ 97.3 FM, Pie Radio, Dancetunes radio, Stereo news, Clubtronic stations,

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